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  • To make the XSN framework an environment that allows easy and secure staking via TPoS – the highest level of security using decentralized cold staking. We are always working with the developers from our community to invent new applications for TPoS.

  • To have a fast, private and innovative blockchain using masternodes, lightning network, security algorithms, CCPoS, etc.

  • To create a network of merchants that accept XSN.

  • To replace old technologies with something that the average user can pick and use without a lot of learning, then go out and spend for common goods.

Core Objectives


using Trustless-Proof-of-Stake (TPoS)



over Lightning Network and masternodes



creating XSN sidechains and new technology



via zkSNARKs/bulletproof algorithms



from XSN services and applications


2018 Roadmap

Q1 – Genesis

  • Coin swap from POSW to XSN (100%)
  • TPoS and MasterNodes implementation (100%)
  • XSN information website (100%)

    Q2 – Excalibur

  • Segwit Update (100%)
  • Launch Staking Platform Stakenet.io (100%)
  • Lightning Update (100%)
  • Update XSN core to latest BTC 0.16.1 codebase (100%)

    Q3 – Zeus

  • Lightning swap compatibility (90%)
  • Cold staking from Ledger Nano S (85%)
  • Stakenet Cloud XSN Masternode hosting (60%)
  • Working prototype of XSN hardware (60%)
  • Stakenet Cloud new PoS coins (50%)
  • RSB reward monitoring (25%)
  • XSN Multi Currency Wallet (25%)
  • Auto Updates (0%)

Q4 – Merlin

  • Autonomous swaps executed by MN quorums (10%)
  • Enhanced Privacy (10%)
  • Launch of Decentralized Exchange (10%)
  • On Chain Scaling (Sharding) (0%)
  • Cold Exchanging from hardware devices (0%)
  • DAPPS built on XSN blockchain (0%)
  • Enable Cross Chain Proof of Stake (0%)


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Collection of XSN wallets, useful links, code and other resources.

WalletsFAQNewsSource Code Whitepaper

The XSN Desktop Wallets are compiled for all major platforms. Our recently upgraded HD wallet meets the top security measures and supports the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. Light wallets will be available in Q2 - connecting to HD wallets and removing the need to download the full blockchain.


Stay current with XSNOfficial on Twitter.

XSN source code is available at GitHub.

XSN Whitepaper 2.0


Exchanges Tech Guides Block Explorer Masternodes / ROI


Buy/sell XSN on the following Exchanges:


Multiple trustless proof-of-stake (TPoS) usage guides are available: simple merchant, multi contract setup, and self-TPOS.

Masternode setup guides in various languages are also available: Turkish.

We welcome community created guides - please send them to [email protected]

Block explorer

The XSN block explorer is located at xsnexplorer.io.


XSN masternode tracking is available at: masternodes.pro and masternodes.online.


John Draper


@John-Draper | Founder / Director of Operations

email | linkedin.com

Banjamin Wang

Benjamin Wang

@bwang22 | Software Architect

email | linkedin.com

Yura Oleksyshyn

Yura Oleksyshyn

@Yuraolex | Senior Developer - Blockchain

email | linkedin.com

Nathan Faust

Eloy Gil Guerrero

@eloyweb | Developer - Full Stack

email | linkedin.com

Alexis Hernandez

Alexis Hernandez

@AlexITC | Developer - Backend

email | linkedin.com

Shahab Behzadi

Shahab Behzadi

@Shahab | Founder / Platform Manager

email | twitter

Carlos Melo

Carlos Melo

@Giardino | Engineering Manager

email | linkedin.com

Nathan Faust

Nathan Faust

@8489faustn | Founder / Community Manager

email | linkedin.com

Paul Michael Freeman

Paul Freeman

@Freeman | Community Support

email | twitter

Andrii Diachuk

Andrii Diachuk

@andron | Developer - Blockchain

email | linkedin.com

Wesley Forgione

Wesley Forgione

@wolfington | PR Specialist

email | linkedin.com

Wesley Forgione

Rebecca Catlin

Marketing - Content strategist

email | twitter | linkedin.com

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